We all want a healthy body and well being. In an effort to be thin and healthy, we diet and exercise. Whether you exercise regularly, occasionally, or simply cannot find the time, we offer a safe, effective and healthy alternative to help you lose stubborn fat and leaving you with more energy. You will love the way you look and feel! This nonsurgical procedure requires no recovery or down time. There is no discomfort, no bruising and no pain. You will see immediate results and gain the motivation to get you back into your favorite jeans.

Owned and operated in Houston, TX Our Better Bodies provides non surgical fat removal and body sculpting services. Holistically focused, we use a noninvasive, risk free alternative to fat removal. Our services are drug free and knife free. There is no cutting and no anesthesia. Our highly trained staff will guide you through the process, making sure that you are comfortable throughout and satisfied with the results. For questions about our fat removal services, to schedule a complementary consultation and to visit our center, please call Our Better Bodies in Houston Texas. We are here to answer your questions.

Our services are drug free and knife free. There is no anesthesia, no cutting, no pain, no surgical after effects because there is no surgery! Our highly trained staff will assist you through each step of the process to make sure you are comfortable.
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Locally owned and operated in Houston, Texas, Our Better Bodies is a fat removal and body sculpting center. Holistically centered, we use a non intrusive  nonsurgical, risk free alternative to body sculpting and fat removal to help you get rid of unwanted fat. Read more
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